It's no secret that 50 Cent and Rick Ross don't have the greatest relationship in the world. A few months ago, Fif said during an interview that he couldn't name a single thing that he respects about Rozay's career. Earlier in the year, Ross said that he would hop on a record with his rival "if he was still dope." These days, their shots are mostly petty, scratching the surface and not entirely digging too deep. However, their battle in court is pretty harsh and with $32 million at stake, both rappers are taking things pretty seriously.

As reported by The Blast, 50 Cent is fed up with waiting on Rick Ross in their joint lawsuit, calling on court officials to order his enemy in for a deposition. Regarding Ross' baby mama's sex tape leak, 50 Cent is asking the court to take action after accusing the man of ignoring his subpoenas. 

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Fif is currently embroiled in a legal feud against his former lawyers, accusing them of malpractice in regards to his lawsuit involving Ross' baby mama Lastonia Leviston. She says that the rapper leaked her sex tape online and was awarded $7 million in damages because of it, but he says that his lawyers were lazy and didn't properly check their sources to realize he was not the first to post the tape. He also believes that Rick Ross should have been deposed. 

Ross' lawyer says they have no documents to turn over but 50 Cent begs to differ. The court paperwork reads: "Mr. Jackson believes that Mr. Ross may have documents and or information concerning the posting of the Video, so thus Mr. Jackson served a subpoena duces tecum on both Mr. Ross and Maybach, since Mr. Ross, as Maybach’s Principal, may have acted through Maybach or instructed a Maybach employee to post the Video."

This beef continues on.

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