50 Cent doesn't understand why one of his posts was removed for bullying, despite possibly being the internet's biggest bully.

During his constant fight against the executives at the social network, 50 Cent went off over a post of his that was removed because of harassment.

"I don’t understand this, why am i getting this?" asked the rap legend, posting a photo of the message he is getting from IG. The post in question shows a woman in a tiny bikini bending over in somewhat of a yogaesque pose. 

"It says the post is removed for bullying but the post is still on my page. Ok time to take a break from IG," he added.

In the past, 50 Cent has taken breaks from the outlet, switching over to Twitter to get his trollery off. He often finds issues with how he has been treated, despite being one of the most popular people on the 'Gram.

This week, Fiddy revealed that he had been shadow-banned, not gaining any new followers for about a year. That will also surely impact his decision to leave Instagram for the next little while.

"I have been shadow banned," he said this week. "This page has been stuck at 25 million for a year. Smh but i’m every where so i don’t care."

Will you miss Fiddy on IG?