We've suspected the day will come. 50 Cent has officially become the super-villain he's always longed to be. The iconic rapper slash actor slash professional troll has enjoyed stirring the pot whenever given the opportunity, from taunting a hospitalized Rick Ross to mercilessly clowning the likes of longtime rivals Wendy Williams or Ja Rule. Now, 50 has gone full comic-book-villain mode, posting a video of himself counting money while simultaneously plotting his next move. All that's missing is a domesticated Bengal tiger that answers only to him. 

As he counts his racks like a renegade Scrooge McDuck, 50 exchanges words with the homie, plotting his betting strategies. From the sound of it, he'll be doing a little bit of good old fashioned gambling at the upcoming fight. While he certainly seems eager to expand his net worth, he does express some reticence about the idea of betting on a specific round knockout. "How im gonna pick the round with out a psychic," writes Fif, in the caption. "This real money we playing with fool."

The madness continues, as 50 pours himself a glass of wine. He proceeds to take yet another call, explaining that he's not interested in doling out handouts. After all, he is "bankrupt." When his claims of bankruptcy are met with incredulity, 50 admits he's merely stunting "for the gram." Translation, as per 50's caption: "I’m bankrupt when l need to be B!tch." Enjoy another dose of 50's daily comedy.