It's no secret that 50 Cent's favorite thing to do is start trouble on Instagram, but his targets have typically been other rappers that were popular around his era. 50's been more preoccupied as an actor than as a rapper in recent days, and now it appears that he's combining his two passions together at last.

Today, 50 posted a picture of the old school movie poster for Superfly, a 1972 blaxploitation film with a soundtrack produced by Curtis Mayfield. That movie recently got a 2018 remake, this time with the soundtrack curated by Future Hendrixx, himself. The new version of Superfly was directed by famed music video auteur, Director X, and this was who 50 decided to aim his wrath towards.

"This one was just too good, the new shit was weak. Little X made a 2 hour music video🤨The snow patrol with white clothes, white car and 😳white guns. 🤷🏽‍♂️where they do that at.😡get the strap," 50 wrote in the caption of his post.

As a professional actor, it would seem ill-advised for 50 to be badmouthing movie directors who could potentially get him more roles, but maybe he just hated the movie that much. The fifth season of his TV show, Power, is set to premiere on July 1st, so perhaps he doesn't feel worried about making a single movie director upset.

He should be careful, however. Make the wrong person mad in Hollywood and all of a sudden your career disappears. Check out 50's movie review of Superfly down below.