50 Cent is no stranger to the court of law. Prior to even being a rapper, he had dealt with his own fair share of legal troubles. However, his issues with legality have transcended into his business world since establishing himself as a entrepreneur. Recently, he faced a lawsuit from two writers who claimed he ripped off one of their ideas for his hit TV show, "Power." But now, it looks like it's all being put past him.

50 Cent & Starz attempt to fight off a copyright suit has been successful, according to TMZ. They report the judge involved in the case threw the lawsuit out entirely. After being accused of jacking someone else's work to create, "Power," he and his team requested the lawsuit be dismissed. The accusers claimed his show was based off of a play they wrote, "Dangerous," which they said was far too similar to "Power's" plotline. They claimed the plot consisted of a violent drug dealer who evades the law and cleans his drug money.

After reviewing the lawsuit, the court decided that 50 Cent didn't infringe on any copyright laws and the elements they're referring to aren't specific to solely their play. They allegedly said, "One need only look to such shows and movies as The Wire, Empire, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Weeds, Carlito's Way, American Gangster, New Jack City, Scarface and Paid in Full."

So it's looking like 50 is off the hook after all and the fourth season of "Power" will be able to continue without delay.