50 Cent's estranged son will have to pay for lunch or dinner if he ever wants a relationship with his father. 50 Cent made his way onto Hot 97 during his recent promo run for ABC's For Life, his latest television project that he serves as an executive producer. Despite Fif's numerous television projects he's working on, there's always more to talk about with Fif including family life.

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Mat Szwajkos/Getty Images

With his youngest son growing in front of our eyes, Ebro dove into the topic of Marquise Jackson, Fif's eldest child that he publicly disowned. After detailing his relationship with Sir and his mother, and his desire to have a daughter, he explained that he never got to experience raising a teenager.

"I haven't even experienced the teenage boy thing," he said. "He drifted before that. Him and his mom was already -- but that's his mom's child. You know what I mean? That's his mom's child."

The chances of a reconciliation are possible but it doesn't seem like 50 Cent is necessarily into it unless there's a free meal involved. "Now, he comes back and he wants to have a conversation," Ebro presented to Fif as a hypothetical situation. 

"I'll listen. Maybe go to lunch or dinner somewhere but he'll pay for it," he said. "He's a man now. He's a grown man."

Peep the clip below.