Well, here we are again.

Perpetual foes 50 Cent and Irv Gotti had their beef thrust into the spotlight again yesterday when the latter, who is the creator of the BET series Tales, decided to air some of his grievances about Fif on Instagram. In the long caption to a video clip where Gotti outlines the importance of him being the producer of a TV show to the culture, he reveals that all may not be super sunny when it comes to the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' rapper's new small screen endeavor. Supposedly, it was Ja Rule, the rapper that 50 Cent did his best to vanquish from the spotlight more than a decade ago, who gave Gotti the inspiration to really speak his mind on the current state of his beef with 50. Check out what he had to say below:

"You know I was speaking to my brother [Ja Rule] and we was talking about things. And he inspired me to let things be known. As y’all know. The whore been saying he is gonna get Tales off BET. Haha. So let me let y’all know what the Whore did this week with his new bullshit series 50 Central. The #’s came in on Thursday. But I wasn’t gonna say shit. But my brother Rule said F**k That n****. Let it be known. 50 Central WAS THE WORST PREMIERED SHOW IN BET ALL YEAR. BOTH THAT AND THE SHOW BEFORE IT COMBINED TO BE THE WORST PREMIERES FOR BET ALL YEAR. WITH RATINGS SO LOW AND RESPONSES FROM THE LIL PEOPLE WHO WATCHED SAYING ITS F**KING HORRIBLE. I did not watch that bulls**t. But I seen and heard what was being said. That it’s garbage. It’s awkward. What is this clown doing. Because you are a clown n**** don’t mean you a funny clown n****. You just a f**king clown. Idiot. So it looks like YOU CREATED A BAD IDEA. AND. AND. HORRIBLE EXECUTION YOU F**KING WHORE. LOL. Now go back to Courtney Kemp. And be her lil promotional bitch!! And keep the creativity part to real motherf**kers you f**king idiot. Gonna get Tales off the air. Hahaha. It’s My Turn Now Bitch!! YOU FAILED. AND PLAYED YOURSELF. The worst Debut for BET All year. With a .19. Hahahhaha. TALES RETURNS OCT 10TH. COMES ON RIGHT AFTER THE HIP HOP AWARDS ON BET. What a great night of HIP HOP CULTURED TV FOR EVERYONE. You can’t f**k with me and my creativity. And the Feds ain’t around to help now either you lil bitch. So let’s go!!!! I feel so f**king good!! Listen to the words. Sing along bitch!! WHEN THE GUN BLOWS. AND THE SHOTS FALL. AND THE SMOKE CLEARS. WE’LL BE RIGHT HERE. SCREAMING MURDER. KNOW ITS MURDER. MURDER. WE’LL BE RIGHT HERE. CAUSE ITS MURDAAAAAAAAAAA!!! You know!!!! [...]"

As of this writing, there has been no direct response from 50 Cent. What do you think? Irv Gotti speaking the truth or going too far? Sound off below!