It's been damn-near a month and a half since Diddy's actual fiftieth birthday but this weekend, he rallied damn-near everyone to celebrate the major milestone. The music mogul had a major bash to mark the big 5-0 that included everyone from Cardi B to Beyonce in attendance. Along with many other A-List celebs, timelines were filled with the action, including Jay-Z's remarkable phone snatch and the reconciliation between Joe Budden and Quavo. 

The biggest moment, however, that transpired this weekend was the reunion of Jay-Z and Kanye a.k.a The Throne. The two were spotted smiling for pictures and dapping up at the event. Jay and Kanye obviously have history but throughout this decade particularly, they haven't been on the best terms, which came to light during a rant on the Saint Pablo tour.

It was undoubtedly a beautiful moment to see Kanye and Jay together for the first time in a while. However, 50 Cent managed to find a way to troll both Kanye West and Jay-Z in the midst of the occasion. Fif found a picture of Jay looking entirely uncomfortable as he wait for a pic to be taken while Kanye, Diddy and Pharrell share a smile but 50 Cent managed to make the photo all too relatable. "This is exactly why I ask, who all gonna be there??" Read the caption under the meme.

Peep the post.