The decade-long beef between Fat Joe and 50 Cent was supposed to have ended two years ago, but according to 50's new comment on Fat Joe's Instagram photo, it's still going strong. Long story short, the issues between the two started in 2004 when 50 was mad at Ja Rule and then went after Joe for collaborating with Rule on "New York." In 2012 when Chris Lighty passed away (who managed both artists) Joe and 50 performed at his tribute concert and shook hands and even posed for photos, that was seemingly a mutual agreement to let the past be the past. 

We can't tell you for sure what happened between then and now but all we know is that his recent Instagram comment doesn't look like a compliment. Fat Joe shared a picture of himself on the platform with his shirt unbuttoned with the caption "Papi Swing D R vibes."

50 came in heavy commenting: "so this ni**a trying to bring sexy back. Gym flow!" We could be reaching here, but considering 50's history of his trolling practices, we can't help but think he's poking fun at Joe 

What do you guys think?