50 Cent has been picking fights his whole career, but one of his latest targets, professional MMA fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, wants nothing to do with him.

For a while now, 50 has been teasing the possibility of going toe-to-toe with Rampage in the ring, at one point posting, and then deleting, a side-by-side photo of the two of them squaring up and saying, "DON’T GET IT FUCKED UP IM THE BADDEST JACKSON AROUND THIS MOTHERFUCKER. NOW IF WE CAN GET THE MONEY RIGHT RAMPAGE GOT A PROBLEM ON HIS HANDS." He's also made several appearances with Bellator's president Scott Coker, dropping cryptic hints about a business deal between the two, a rumor that Coker denies. 

TMZ caught up with Rampage and asked him about 50's boasts. Rampage didn't really have much to say about the whole affair, but he seemed more annoyed with the idea than excited. 

"I think he's just talking," Rampage said. "I just don't feel like 50's trying to step in no cage with me."

Rather than saying that as a threat, it seems that Rampage is simply tired of 50 playing up this beef, probably to promote one of his various liquors he has out now.

"I just wake up one day and a bunch of people are tagging me on some post he made," Rampage continued. "Then all my friends texted me and shit. That shit's annoying as fuck."

While it seems like this fight isn't actually going to happen, maybe Rampage should go through with it so he can finally get the peace and quiet he wants.