Okay, at this point, it's starting to come off as though 50 Cent is obsessed with Young Buck. Does he have something to tell us? Regardless of that fact, he has come for his former bandmate once again by sharing a video of somebody speaking on the G-Unit member's sexuality, noting that he was invited to perform at a Pride festival, turned down the offer, and then went to the party for free. Of course, Fif added his own commentary, which you can peep below.

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

According to SOHH, a now-deleted video on 50 Cent's page contained a message to his ex-friend, calling him out for the endless rumors about his sexual orientation. "Is this guy telling the truth," asked Fiddy on the video. The man in the clip wears a hat suggesting we "Make The Trap Great Again" and bashes Buck for going to Pride Week in Nashville despite previously turning down an offer to appear. He says that instead of "teeter-tottering" back-and-forth on his preferences, Buck is "gayer than a motherfucker." We're inclined to believe that with the way 50 Cent has been attacking his friend, he probably agrees with that statement.

Are you tired of this feud? It just seems to keep on dragging with no end in sight.