50 Cent's beef can escalate pretty quickly, but they usually deflate in a similar fashion. We've seen 50 trash the members of G-Unit and reunite the group in the same year, and now, after mocking incessantly mocking FLoyd Mayweather on Instagram over the last little while, he's decided to mend their relationship.

The first announcement that the beef was squashed was once again, a post on 50's Instagram, but in a new interview with MTV, 50 explained his turbulent relationship with the boxer.

My younger brother happens to be the best fighter in the world. He can make $200 million in 36 minutes," said 50, suggesting that having that much money and power can cloud your judgement. "How do you tell him what to do? You don’t."

"Sometimes he's not right," said the rapper, revealing that while he and Floyd tend to butt heads, things usually wind down eventually. "You'll tell him, 'you're not right'. And then you have that argument until he starts to look at it and say, 'he was right'."

Watch the interview below.