Today's the day. If Irv Gotti doesn't make an effort to reach out to BMF's co-founder Southwest T, he could be facing a rude awakening.

50 Cent has been stepping up to the plate for Black Mafia Family after Terry "Southwest T" Flenory was released early from prison due to COVID-19 concerns. The rapper is currently producing a series about their notorious drug operation, which is likely the reason why he's so invested in this story. He knows what Southwest T and Big Meech are capable of so he's ensuring that he stays on their good side. 

Irv Gotti 50 Cent
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Last week, Fif called out Diddy and Jeezy, asking them to connect with Southwest T and pay their debts. They both came through quickly, proving their loyalty. However, Irv Gotti has still not responded to the constant call-outs and 50 Cent is giving him until the end of the day to make good on his word.

"Boy you best be coming up with that money you borrowed it’s Monday fool," said 50 Cent on Instagram. "@irvgotti187 pay your debt @bmfboss_swt_263 #Starz #BMF."

Irv Gotti is the only person that still has not paid off his debt with BMF, making this a pretty easy battle for 50 Cent to go off on. Since he already hates the man because of his connection to Ja Rule, we're sure Fif has more artillery loaded up and ready to go.