50 Cent is usually one to keep his private life just that-- private. But recently some incidents have come to light which are tarnishing his reputation, and in the process, he's apparently losing gigs. Last week it was reported that Fif was charged with domestic violence, for kicking down a door and his baby mama. There was another surprise wrapped up in this entire incident-- Fif has a second child that noone knew about until now.

50 has denied the allegations, saying he hasn't been arrested and there's no outstanding warrant for his arrest. Nonetheless, it seems like the Major League of Baseball is taking it seriously, deciding to axe 50 from their upcoming MLB All-Star Bash in New York City.

TMZ reports that 50 was scheduled to perform at the event on July 14th with Kaskade, however, now sources say MLB officials have decided not to go forward with a performance from 50 Cent because of the domestic violence charge.

50 was featured on the original flyer for the event, but now the Facebook page is updated and says there will be two "surprise performances."

MLB has not confirmed if the reason Fif was cut was because of the domestic violence charge.