50 Cent recently shared his thoughts on Father's day and he doesn't think it should be a holiday. Today, the Queens rapper shared his thoughts on Twitter to explain the difference between Mother's Day and Father's Day: "Listen, Father's Day is a holiday that's not really a holiday. That shit is like...even by the commercials. Father's Day, they show you a screwdriver, muthafuckin power tools. Go fix some shit. They want to send you to go fix some shit. When Mother's Day come, the shit be like Zales, 'Because you care.' It be different shit, like niggas don't want diamonds. They gon' do it for their mother, but they ain't gon' do it for their father." Do you agree? 

The latest news surrounding 50 Cent includes petty news as per usual. The business mogul and Hip Hop artist recently flamed Wendy Williams' husband to bits for calling her lazy. Although 50 Cent has not always had the best relationship with Wendy Williams in the past, he was not so quick to pick sides. In fact, he called out Kevin Hunter for having Williams going "out there" and getting his money. Moreover, 50 Cent was also seen trolling Bow Wow for throwing shade at Ciara