This Easter, 50 Cent decided to shift his character a little, spending time with his son Sire Jackson instead of trolling anybody and everybody on the internet. The moment of peace did not last long though because once the rapper caught wind of one comment that a hater made on his family-oriented post, he just had to clap back. 

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Fiddy shared a picture of himself and his youngest son on Instagram, celebrating Easter and wishing everybody well at the same time. The post was positive but one troll felt a need to push one of the television producer's buttons. At this point, you should all know that 50 Cent has a horrid relationship with his oldest son Marquise Jackson. The two absolutely cannot stand each other, often turning to social media to air out their feelings. When Marquise was mentioned in a comment on Curtis' Easter celebration post, the boy's father went wild.

"Image how your first born feels seeing this," wrote the commenter who went on to call 50 a "piece of shit." The entertainer clapped back in his own response, putting aside the positive vibes to wage war. "Fuck you bitch," wrote 50. "You don't know shit about what you talking about. Everything was positive then you come with bullshit go suck a dick."

Is anybody surprised that 50 Cent replied in this manner? Catch up on his feud against his oldest son and his baby mama here.