50 Cent and Eminem have a long-standing relationship that is well-documented, and unfortunately due to both of their massive success, it is rare that fans get to hear the two of them featured alongside each other on a record.  With Fif’s last album with Interscope, Street King Immortal, dropping soon, fans were treated to one of their collabos on the radio-friendly “My Life”.   Now the G-Unit General talks about the other track they recorded together, and how Em was the one that hand picked the beat.   Curtis also talks about keeping pace with the Detroit rapper on a track, as he is prone to “go off”. 

Talking about the yet to be released track featuring Eminem, Fif mentions how it was Slim Shady’s idea for them to work on that track, “The other song, ‘Champions' , is me and Em...we actually recorded it in Detroit.  It’s one of those songs that, Em was set on this record. Cause he heard it and was like, ‘this is for me and 50’, and he wrote his verse on the actual record.” The Street King Immortal rapper then talks about how he tackled the record after hearing Em’s verse, “I came in and he played it, and I was like...let me think how I actually want to approach this record...he made some mentions, and I didn’t want to make the same mentions.  Cause some of the people that he has a lot of respect for, in music culture, are in that actual song and I didn’t want to repeat that.”

50 Cent then discusses how you have to keep up with Eminem when recording on a track with him because he can easily overtake the song. “It’s important cause it’ll turn into a complete Eminem record if you leave him...this is how my verse got longer on ‘My Life’...because he was going off, and into it, he just kept going, and made it to 24 bars before he actually stopped rapping,” 50 adds, “It felt good, so there was no reason to edit it...Em is an exception.”