This weekend, talk show host Wendy Williams was in New York City to celebrate the final days of Pride Month. She was decked out in a full rainbow ensemble, donning a bodysuit, a "W" chain and some flashy shades. Wendy has been having a rough year and she's finally getting back on her feet, getting a new boyfriend after her rocky divorce with Kevin Hunter. During her family drama, 50 Cent was vocal about his hatred for Williams, talking as much shit as you would imagine. Curtis Jackson doesn't hold back on social media and when it comes to Wendy Williams, anything is fair game in his mind. From "E.T." comparisons to now critiquing her gym routine, Fiddy flat-out does not like Wendy.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Yesterday, he decided to roast his rival by reposting her photo on his own feed, adding some of his trademark commentary in the caption. He didn't go easy on her either. "This bitch skipped leg day for 20 years," wrote the rapper before adding in a series of unrelated hashtags pertaining to his numerous business ventures. Knowing Fif's history, he could have gone a little harder on her. Maybe he's finally growing a heart?

The commenters generally agree with Curtis' brash sense of humor but this time, people think he might have crossed a line. One person said that he was "body-shaming" the entertainer while others are urging him to stop being an online bully.