There is no stopping 50 Cent. The man is absolutely relentless. He won't retire his trollery until he gets what he wants. These days, all he's after is revenge and money. He's charging all of his friends interest on their loans, ensuring that he makes some extra coin every time he goes out of his pocket on the bill. This entire experiment started with Randall Emmett earlier this year. Debt collector "Fofty" publicly ended his feud with the producer in April but it's back on now after Lala Kent, Emmett's fiancée, spoke on their beef recently. Curtis Jackson is now serving his ferociousness with fervor, coming through with a multitude of memes this morning.

"Rise in shine puffy face, it’s gym time but I’m sure your having a hangover," wrote 50 online today, referring to 29-year-old Kent as "drunk face" in the post. He also took the time to repost her own message on his account, taking further shots at Emmett's fiancée. "Shut up bitch, you started with the wrong person good night," wrote Jackson.

At this point, we're not sure what will lead to the end of this beef. Things might temporarily come to a close for 50 Cent but the drama will seemingly never subside. Check out his latest attacks below.