50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have found common ground in their disapproval of Oscar De La Hoya. After Mayweather took a shot at the "Golden Girl" on social media, the rapper is following suit with his own upload.

The entertainer's post is similar to Mayweather's, showing Oscar De La Hoya wearing pink panties under fishnets, propped up in kitten-heeled shoes. 50's post, however, also includes a second photo in which La Hoya is wearing a wig. 

The rapper pokes fun at the boxer, alluding to his sexuality.

"De La Hoya like, so you like to hit women hun😕go right ahead hit me punk. 😖from the Baaccckkk!!!! LOL"

This post comes in response to a Tweet by De La Hoya, who was aiming at Mayweather.

"Hey, @CaneloAlvarez someone is salty about your record breaking contract with @dazn_usa. Good thing we will never resort to hitting women."

He had also added some hashtags for flair: "#DomesticAbuser #DomesticViolence #Salty #antidomesticviolence #FloydMayweather #SaltyFloyd #FloydSaltyMayweather #whyyoumad."

During an interview on The Breakfast Club, De La Hoya explained the photo as being attached to "a bad time in my life. That's it. That happened, what, 10 years ago? They're still popping up, but that's the power of the social media."