Many rappers have weighed in on the Donald Sterling controversy, the majority of which have been furious with the former Clippers owner over his racist comments. 50 Cent however, seems to be more concerned with how Sterling himself was treated in the situation.

“I couldn’t get past the concept of looking at an older man talking to a woman he’s in love with and making probably the biggest compromise ever, saying maybe, ‘If you like them, be with them. Sleep with them. Just don’t embarrass me,’” 50 said in an interview with XXL. 

The rapper did acknowledge that the remarks he made were wrong, but continued to sympathize with Sterling's position. "So some of the things he said following that were inappropriate, but he’s saying to you that there’s other people around that I’m being embarrassed by that think and feel the way I feel," he continued. "Now you’ve got one person that you’re pointing to, penalizing for that. He’s actually saying at that point, ‘Just don’t embarrass me,' meaning there’s other people that feel exactly like me here to be embarrassed by. I just watched it and I just saw a man being betrayed.” 

Watch the interview below.