50 Cent and Wendy Williams have a complicated history. The talk show host and the rapper have been at odds for as long as we can remember and recently, Fiddy has tried to catch her attention again. After their beef came to a standstill, 50 reignited the flame when he heard the rumors of Wendy's husband having a baby with another woman. On top of all that, Kevin Hunter has reportedly been seeing his mistress for the last decade. Williams is currently on a hiatus from her show and she's set to return next week but Curtis wanted to continue to kick her while she was down.

Perhaps the most savage man on the internet went in on Wendy Williams again, this time opting to compare her to everybody's favorite extraterrestrial. Fiddy shared a side-by-side comparison of Wendy in a Brooklyn Nets cap next to E.T. trying to come across as a human woman. He fired off a few more shots this morning before deleting those and claiming that he's off to a positive start of the day. Pure Jekyll and Hyde stuff.

The rapper's fans are all for the incessant trolling. Given the comments being left on the photo of Wendy, he's likely to continue going in on her. Do you think she'll have something to say when she returns to her show?