50 Cent's trolling campaign against Jim Jones and Hell Rell shows no signs of slowing down, despite the responses from Jones and Rell trying to take the beef off social media and into the street.

Last night, 50 made a couple of posts to his Instagram account acknowledging the threats. The first was a repost of a video from Rell's account, in which he's sitting at a glass desk filming another phone, showing a post he made holding the strap. In the video, Rell mentions that pictures aren't enough, and that he's going to have to "let that thing ring."

To that, 50 responded with this caption, "Breaking News: Rell post this now, said he gonna give niggas a work out. They gone be running track and field,l don’t know if l believe him 👀you know the vibes. 😡get the strap."

A few hours later, he went after Rell again, and Jones as well, with a photoshopped picture of the their heads photoshopped onto the characters from Friday After Next, with special attention placed in making sure that he used the Jones' crying face. As a caption, 50 wrote, "Ok look me and jimmy really cool, but l couldn’t stop my self from putting this up. l need help.🤨😡get the strap. #power."

By 50's own account, him and Jones seem to have settled things, though somebody might need to take 50's phone away from him. That being said, 50 has probably done this enough times to recognize when beef is serious and when it's just internet posturing. 

See 50's posts below.