Randall Emmett should receive credit for birthing 50 Cent's alter ego, Fofty. It was only a few months ago when Fif demanded Emmett to pay him back for a loan and nearly gave the man a heart attack. While trying to get Fif to cool out, he accidentally referred to him Fofty and thus, hip-hop's debt collector was born. Eventually, Emmett cleared his debt with Fif and they called it a truce. But, unfortunately, Emmett is engaged to a woman named LaLa Kent who decided to reignite the feud with Fif. So, Emmett is now a target because of his association. 


50 Cent's spent the entire weekend going back and forth with Lala Kent and needless to say, he was having fun with it. Fif shared a side-by-side photo of Randall Emmett's face and an alien from Men In Black. "looks like the same shit to me," he wrote.


Now, Emmett hasn't really involved himself in this feud since Lala's comments but Fif's been poking at them as individuals and as a couple. Fif dragged Lala over an alleged article where she claimed that she was drunk for four days straight on a family vacation at Disney World. Fif later accused her of dabbling with the nose candy. Although she admitted to having substance abuse issues with alcohol, she denied that she ever used cocaine. 

It appears as though Fif won this one but he's not after a dub -- he's coming for vengeance.