50 made sure to continue his "positive vibes" with some well-placed passive aggression, thus living up to his role as the hip-hop "bully." After using an image of Juelz Santana to spread a "don't do drugs" message, ostensibly aimed at "the kids," 50 has once again set his sights on the Dipset rapper. This time, he's taken to ridiculing Juelz' shiny new teeth, which appear almost blindingly bright. Referring to his new caps as "chiclet teeth," 50 has proven that he's one to be feared, even if he's not taking the fight to the booth.

Though Juelz seems unfazed by his induction into the "meme" canon, it's likely that 50's increased pestering will elicit a response from him. After all, 50 has made trolling Dipset into one of his favorite hobbies, and such frequent moments of disrespect rarely go unanswered, especially from a respected and connected squad. Still, 50 is apt to do as he pleases, and will likely continue to troll any-and-everybody who bares teeth in his direction.