50 Cent recently chirped Jim Jones on his workout regimen. 50 caught wind of a photo Jim Jones pumping baby weights in the gym. The Jamaica Queens rapper made his case against Jim and all Harlemites with one fell swoop: "Harlem n---as be ducking these n---as from Queens." These comments were taken in jest, or at least with a shrug. Even though he's a serious entrepreneur across several fields, 50 is known for taking the piss. This time he tried emasculated the former Dipset 'Capo' by pulling his girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin into the fray.

In the above post, 50 dispenses the expression "Get the Strap" to denote the dizzying spell Chrissy Lampkin has over Jones. The couple's relationship is well documented in their VH1 reality show Chrissy & Mr. Jones, where Jones is guilty of behavior unbecoming of a rapper, at least in 50 Cent's opinion.

The second post is but an image of Chrissy, with the following caption: "Before we go any further jimmy wants to wish his queen his boo Happy Birthday. IM A BE THERE WHEN YOU GET OFF THE PLANE JIMMY." Although the post can be read as crude remark, history between the two rappers points to the opposite being true. If anything, 50 Cent is likely helping his friend push a few units of Wasted Talent. Lastly, 50 Cent gets a young boy to resubmit his message to Jimmy: "Don't let my uncle 50 catch a strap."