With the Jussie Smollett case officially having blown up yesterday, the memes keep on coming in, clowning poor old Jussie for staging his own attack. It was revealed that Empire would be cutting him from the final two episodes of Season 5, noting that the allegations against him are "very disturbing." 50 Cent has already taken aim at the entertainer, bringing back his "Gay Tupac" claims from a recent concert and using that title against him. Now, he's bringing back "Gay Tupac" with an official rap video, editing the speech in his interview with Robin Roberts to make it seem like he's dropping bars.

"It was cold out there in the street, fought back by grabbing they cheeks," says the edited version of Jussie in 50 Cent's video. The camera cuts back to Robin Roberts who just slightly nods, making the whole thing that much more hilarious. "I can't deny it, I got excited, when them Africans grabbed me." Obviously, this is not what actually went down during the interview. If you're wondering what he actually did say, check it out here. However, 50 Cent's version will probably get you laughing a little harder.

Fiddy isn't the only person trolling Smollett after his arrest. The Game, Snoop Dogg, and others have all chimed in with their own uploads.