Though things are seldom serious with that eternal jokester 50 Cent, sometimes one must read between the lines. Anyone familiar with his legacy likely knows that Fif was nearly murdered in the year two-thousand, after a gunman shot him nine times in Southside Jamaica, Queens. Though many came to view his nine bullet wounds as a badge of honor, a testament to his mental and physical fortitude, it's easy to gloss over the trauma of the incident. Of course, 50 has made it difficult to connect with him on an emotional level, so perhaps he never wanted our sympathy to begin with. Still, that hasn't stopped him from reaching out to connect with Slim 400, who recently survived an eerily similar shooting.

Last month, Slim was hit with nine bullets, including several to the stomach and one in the jaw. He recently spoke with Nick Cannon about the incident, going so far as to show the host his many new battle scars. Following the circulation of his latest interview, 50 took to Instagram to offer a message to Slim, drawing back to his own experiences on the receiving end of a bullet. "That lucky number 9, I know the Vibes nigga," he writes, never once dropping the aura of toughness. "@slim400blk that shit hurt boy you tuff. ICE WATER." 

While it might be tempting to examine this as a piece of Fifty's signature humor, it's also important to note that Fif is an OG in the game, and has plenty of advice to share should he be so inclined. Given that surviving nine is no easy feat, and one who actually does might feel particularly isolated, perhaps a public connection is 50's way of sharing his own trauma. Either way, respect to Fif for hitting Slim with some words of encouragement.