Both before and after Power's return on our television screens and streaming services, there has been consistent chatter surrounding whether or not the show would end after this season. 50 Cent, himself, as executive producer and co-creator, appeared to be wishy-washy about the show's future. Though, the most recent input from him appears to hint that the show will not be ending. And while everyone continues to beg Fofty to switch back the series' iconic intro song back to the original, 50 focused on an important announcement. After sharing a clip of a throwback scene between 50 Cent's character Kanan and his now-deceased (spoiler) son Shaun, 50 Cent captioned the following: "POWER BOOK II stars 48 hours after the finale, so stop saying this is the last season. THE PARTY IS NOT OVER." Of course, the caption was tagged with hashtags of the rapper's side business #LeCheminDuRoi #BransonCognac. So, there you have it, fans. The show is not ending any time soon and so despite prior beliefs. 

While we do not know what to expect from the next chapters of Power, fans have already begun making up their own theories involving our favourite characters and potential plot twists. Are you here for POWER BOOK II?