Lil Nas X had the Internet shut down last night when he shared his Halloween costume. It wasn't a regular get-up but a full-on production as he recreated Nicki Minaj's iconic "Superbass" outfit. He had the prosthetics to imitate the curves accurately and had press-on nails to drive the point home. For the Barbs, it was a massive win as Lil Nas X has previously tried to hide his past as a Nicki Minaj stan. Unfortunately, people like 50 Cent didn't have similar reactions.

Instead of simply moving along with his day, 50 Cent, once again, used Lil Nas X as a punchline in his feud against Young Buck. Fif has continuously taken transphobic shots at Buck over his alleged relationship with a transgender woman. He's even dragged Lil Nas X into his feud with Buck in the past.

Fif shared a post including four pictures. One of them included Buck's alleged transgender lover while the other three were of Nicki and Lil Nas X's Halloween pictures. "I think young Buck & lil nas x might make a love connection, if he get a BBL," Fif wrote on IG with a laughing emoji before drawing the comparison between Lil Nas X and Buck's "last lover."

"LOL he look like his last lover. junior is that you junior?" He continued. 

Fif's already taken shots at Lil Nas X over his Nicki Minaj get-up. Earlier today, Fif shared Lil Nas X's photos on Twitter while seemingly shaming the young artist for rocking drag. "what the fuck. Nikki come get him," he wrote on Twitter. And while plenty of people hounded 50 Cent for continuing to butt his nose in other people's business, Lil Nas X shut down the conversation quickly. "Why u in barb business?" Lil Nas X replied. 

Fif hasn't offered an answer to Lil Nas X yet. We'll keep you posted on Young Buck's response.