50 Cent claims he is a "A Week Away From Looking Like What Your GF Like." He jumped on Instagram while at the wheel of his Rolls Royce with the wood grain finish. Of late, 50 has been trying to recapture his fitness goals of years past. There have been countless videos posted of him putting in work in the weight room. For every user showing him support, several others have put on a grimacing face.

As you can see, 50 Cent looks genuinely bothered by the trollery. He often brings it upon himself. Every social media post carries with a hashtag denoting the product he is pushing at very moment. He has shown a willingness to laugh at people's misery, elucidate people's fetishes, make fun of national holidays people save up to enjoy, etc.

Essentially nothing is sacred, up until now.

Instagram users have hit a soft spot. He is no where near as swole as in years past. His reaction to the trolls all but confirms his self-consciousness. He is normally impervious or leading the charge against someone else, but now it seems his body issues are clear as day.

Had he not ballooned to Bruce Banner levels of fitness we would be picking on someone else.