Nipsey Hussle released one of the best albums of the year in Victory Lap but, these days, he's getting more publicity for slapping a BET employee at an award show over the weekend. The West Coast rapper's long overdue debut album opened a lot of people's eyes that were not familiar with his music beforehand. In order to complement his recent success, Nipsey decided to remind everybody not to mess with him, slapping a BET employee in the face before immediately getting on stage to perform. It was confusing and hilarious to watch the event go down and, as he usually does, 50 Cent stepped up to comment on the event that people are clamoring on and on about.

While getting slapped by anybody is not fun at all, 50 Cent would not be a formidable opponent in the ring or in the streets. To keep things short, homie is jacked. Clearly unimpressed with Nipsey Hussle's lack of muscle mass, Fiddy took to Instagram to do some of his classic trolling. Earlier in the day, 50 took on Terry Crews and now, Nipsey is the butt of the joke. Fif was seemingly confused about the entire incident, reposting a photo of Nip and adding the caption, "Nipsey ain’t got a lot of muscles but they not founding him. 😆l don’t understand get the strap." 

If there's anything that the BET Awards Red Carpet show taught us it's that Nipsey Hussle is not the man to mess with. Relive the slap footage here if you're unfamiliar with what you just read about.