The saga continues, with 50 Cent not letting up on friend Tony Yayo, for his particular interest in sucking toes. Yayo's sexual proclivities are not of any concern, but 50 Cent is not one to pass up a good joke. Much like Corrado Soprano and his failure to report oral sex on his resume, 50 Cent was the mole in the camp, airing out his friend on social media just for the heck of it. He posted a video where he and Karine Steffans aka 'Super Head' recounted a scenario in which Yayo "sucked her toes right through her Gucci shoes."

Today happens to be Tony Yayo's 40th birthday, so quite naturally 50 cent had to "cut the small talk" and put his friend on blast. 50 posted a video of a Tony Yayo 'lookalike' putting an entire foot in his mouth. The actor in the video, probably a porn star, is literally licking the salt content off a woman's foot. 50 also took a moment to wish Yayo a happy birthday, but not before dragging him by his feet, before his social media fanbase.

It's hard to believe the video has not yet been flagged by the IG community. Happy birthday Tony Yayo, we wish you many more toe-licking adventures.

The video might be a little graphic display. View it here.