Fiddy has no chill when it comes to clowning his fellow industry moguls on Instagram. After Diddy's arrest for assaulting a UCLA coach with a kettlebell, 50 Cent let loose a series of Instagram posts poking fun at his Ciroc competitor's unhinged temper. The mostly light-hearted jokes centered around the two rapper's competing vodka brands, and after Diddy was charged, 50 deleted the posts, telling Huffington Post, "that's when it stops being funny." 

Days later, another industry boss, Ricky Ross, is now locked up-- for what seems to be an even more brutal assault-- and, unsurprisingly, 50's back at it on the 'gram. Given 50's recent history with the big man, this post (see below) ain't going anywhere. 

Again, 50 shows off his acting skills, pretending to get a phone call notifying him of Ross's arrest: "Kidnapped?! He told a nigga he couldn't leave?" Funnily enough, he brought Puffy back into the fold: "I just realized why I don't like that nigga Puffy. He gonna go bail that fat nigga out." Well, lucky for Fif, Ross has already been denied bond, and he'll remain in jail until his next court date on July 1. 

Fiddy ends the phone call by clowning each assailant's brand of alcohol (Rozay's especially): "No more 'Puffy Juice', no more Belaire! Who the fuck drinks sparkling wine anyway? The shit is bum juice!" 

The man's got jokes. #EFFENVODKA