The barber is not considered an essential service so, basically, by the end of all of this, we're all going to look scraggly as hell. The same goes for celebrities. Unless you've been cutting your own hair for years, you have no chance of escaping this quarantine looking your best.

50 Cent has been keeping tabs on all of his buddies, checking to see who has already started to decline during this coronavirus outbreak and he's already found some famous faces to clown. 

Taking to Instagram, the rapper joked about how some of his friends have started to embrace their natural salt-and-pepper hairstyles during this lockdown. Namely, he went after Diddy, Kevin Hart, and Deion Sanders.

50 Cent Kevin Hart Diddy Deion Sanders
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

"Man where the fuck is the time machine, they got old on quarantine," wrote Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

He shared a collage of photos including two-sport athlete Deion Sanders with his grey beard, comedian Kevin Hart with some greys starting to show more prominently in his facial hair, and Diddy who looks even wiser than he did before.

It's only a matter of time before Jackson also starts to look his age. At 44-years-old, 50 Cent will be developing grey hair any day now. Hopefully, he's got the hair dye on deck so nobody gives him a taste of his own medicine.