The feud between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent has been going on for years. Every time you think it may finally be coming to an end, Fiddy comes through with another troll job on Instagram. Every week, we round up the rapper's targets on social media and recently, there have been some of the usual suspects. Floyd made an appearance last week and it looks like he's about to make the list again. 

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Out of nowhere, 50 Cent decided to compare Mary J. Blige's outfit with Floyd's, noting that he thinks the R&B icon looks a lot better in red leather. The similarities between both outfits are pretty striking actually. Both Mary and Floyd are wearing burgundy leather jackets with a black shirt and black pants. The ensembles are complete with calf-high burgundy boots. 50 Cent was not impressed with the boxer's look, noting that he looks like he should be practicing a different sport. "I think Mary rocked this better, Champ look like a fucking jockey," wrote Fif.

It should come as no surprise that 50 prefers Mary J. Blige's look. There is absolutely no love lost between him and Mayweather with this being just the most recent display of that. We wouldn't be surprised if Floyd responds soon.