Floyd Mayweather may be undefeated, but his greatest opponent thus far has yet to ever set foot in the ring. 50 Cent, the troll to end all trolls, has once again set "The Champ" in his sights. It would appear that Floyd's recent pro-Gucci stance has irked the G-Unit mogul, and 50 has doubled down on his verbal assault accordingly. Today, Fif has targeted Floyd's love of material wealth and high fashion, coming through with another of his signature memes. We have to wonder if he's got a team working on them, or if he's since picked up Photoshop to facilitate the process.

 Graham Denholm/Getty Images

"Champ be like what, these boots cost 8k," captions 50, before bellowing out a dad-like, all-caps "LOL." The picture finds Floyd in familiar territory, only rather than rocking regulation boxing attire, he's got some bitchin' "bloody shoes." In fact, they may very well be the same boots Jada Pinkett-Smith wore during her role as Niobe in The Matrix Reloaded. 

As of now, Floyd has yet to respond, though it seems likely he'll fire off a counterattack before long. Can anybody contend with 50 Cent's meme game? Pour out some Chemin Du Roi in commemoration...