50 Cent doesn't hold anything back when it comes to his trolling ways. He might be known as a rapper and entrepreneur but he definitely built a reputation as one of hip hop's biggest trolls. Earlier today, the rapper shared an image of what his cover art would be if he was Pusha T dissing Drake. You already know that he'd probably find the alleged child and take a picture with them simply to strike a nerve. Thankfully, he's not involved in this beef so Drake could sleep easy. However, that didn't stop 50 Cent from clowning Drake on the 'Gram for allowing Pusha T to expose his alleged him.

50 Cent took to Instagram to mock Drake over Pusha T's diss track. Fif shared an image of Drake's costume on the "Walk It Talk" video where he's rocking Jheri Curls and looking like a soul singer out of the 80's. In the caption, 50 Cent suggested that Drake didn't have to reveal his alleged baby momma to any one but the tone of it implied that 50 was clearly making fun of Drake for letting Pusha do that to him.

"Drake voice: l see all you ka ka ka Kekeke ass niggas Trying to tell me about a bitch, don’t play wit my Pimpin. Now l will tell you about a bitch, when l feel like it And that bitch I’ll deal with her, when l feel like it.Pusha ain’t got one #1 song. I’m the champagne Papi around here Bitch! get the strap," he wrote.

Peep the full post below and keep your eyes peeled for more news on Drake and Pusha T's feud.