50 Cent has no scruples when it comes to shameless product placement. We've long seen his own business movement "#LeCheminDuRoi" conclude nearly every Instagram post he's ever penned. Now, Fif has taken his love of branding up several notches in one fell swoop. In the wake of Burger King's new "coffee subscription" membership, which essentially equates to a monthly fix of Joe for $5. Should you suffer from commitment issues, BK decided to throw in a 50 cent coffee option, enlisting 50 himself to promote the deal with an announcement tweet.

In honor of the newfound partnership, 50 took to Instagram to share a horrifying image, the stuff of nightmare fuel. Of course, anything involving the dead-eyed, plastic visage of the Burger King "King" inherently plunges into that macabre territory. Lest we forget the infamous "wake up with the King" campaign, as seen here. In any case, 50 shared an amalgamation of both man and mascot, asserting his dominance as "king" of the game at large.

Now that 50 has dipped his toes in the greater commercial pools, who knows what destruction he may wreak. Pornhub has already expressed their frustration at Burger King, presumably for snatching up 50's interest, letting them know their feelings via Tweet. Where do you stand on rappers throwing their weight behind mainstream corporations? Regardless, respect to 50 for once again securing the bag.