Usually, 50 Cent would be all for a video of a woman twerking and doing the splits in limited attire while out on the streets. However, with the current state of the nation, he's unsure of how that benefits us.

This weekend, a video of a young woman wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and booty shorts went viral after she got in front of a row of police cars and twerked for them. Some people, like 50 Cent, are seriously questioning how that aids the protest efforts.

"Now WTF would make you want to twerk at a time like this," asks the rapper/entrepreneur/television producer on Instagram. He posted the video to his page, where the woman does the splits and gives the squad cars a nice little show.

In the comments, people are calling her ignorant and agreeing that she did not add much to the effort. Some people are defending her though, noting that she's not looting or vandalizing anything and should be applauded.

What do you think of the twerking protestor? 

50 Cent
Presley Ann/Getty Images

In other 50 Cent-related news, the rapper recently went back on offense as it pertains to Lala Kent, Randall Emmett's fiancée. The two were butting heads last year when it was revealed that Emmett owed Fifty some money. Once he paid his debt, the beef was squashed though. Lala Kent brought up their drama to Andy Cohen, re-sparking the fire.