Just a few years ago, Sire Jackson was seated atop his father 50 Cent's shoulders at red carpet movie premieres. Now, the nine-year-old is nearing those all-important double-digits and he's growing up quickly, leaving his dad dumbfounded at the latest video on his page.

Sharing a video of his son Sire walking down the street in a hoodie with a scythe over his shoulder as he seemingly prepares to become the Grim Reaper for Halloween, Fiddy couldn't believe how big his son has gotten in the last few months.

"Look How BIG MY BABY GOT ! WTF he gonna want a car next week," he joked in the caption.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We're still a few years away from Sire hopping behind the wheel of his own vehicle, but at least when that time comes, his dad will likely make sure that he's driving around in the hottest wheels

Some fans have joked that Sire is acting like Kanan, 50's character in Power, in the streets. Others are commenting on his height, joking that he'll end up bullying Ja Rule's kids out of their Halloween candy.

Halloween is rapidly approaching this weekend and Sire is definitely ready. So are a few other celebrities and their families, including Megan Thee Stallion, who recently showed off one of her spooky outfits for this year.

Check out 50's video of his son below.