Yesterday, 50 Cent's ex-girlfriend, Tatted Up Holly, accused the rapper of domestic abuse, calling him a "manipulating women beater". While 50 has yet to respond to the claims Holly made on her Instagram account, he has now posted a photo of what appears to be his ex's DMs, which show A$AP Rocky contacting the model to work together.

Fif took the opportunity to diss Rocky for his fashion choices in his caption, and compared the situation to Wiz Khalifa's relationship with Amber Rose following her breakup with Kanye.

Boy of boy, last time I seen this punk he had a dress on. You cant afford holly I gave her habits, get your weight up first boy. Bentley and better over here, n!gga can you buy that? f*ck you think I'm Kanye and you Wiz lol 

You can view the photo below (and screencap in the gallery above, as we anticipate being deleted). Will Rocky respond? Let us know in the comments.

[Update: Rocky Responds]

Rocky has now responded to 50 Cent's comments on Twitter, revealing that he didn't realize Fif and Holly were an item, and while maintaining that he has respect for the rapper, told him to "stop acting like a jealous sugar daddy".