Over the past weekend, 50 Cent unleashed the three heads of Cerberus upon producer Randall Emmett and his fiancee Lala Kent, over the former's unpaid debt of one million dollars. These days, it feels as if 50 is a full-time money collector, though Teairra Mari has opted to remain defiant in her "I Ain't Got It" position. Yet with Emmett, 50 employed a rather successful tactic - sending forth a barrage of memes the likes of which the world has never seen.

Many of said memes including direct conversation transcripts with Emmett, who continuously begged 50 to call off the public shaming. Yet 50 remained stalwart, claiming that he'd delete them upon receiving his full fee. As Emmett began to feel the burn of 50's assault, he eventually acquiesced and transferred the full amount. In the exchange, which was captured by TMZ, Emmett attempts to bargain with 50 before giving in, prompting 50 to call off the attack and delete all traces from his page.

Clearly, 50's efficacy should be respected, and it's likely that Emmett will think twice about crossing the G-Unit legend. Now, "Fofty" has once again set his sights on Teairra, perhaps embolded by his success. Can he really go two-for-two in such a short period of time?