50 Cent does business in very unconventional ways but at the end of the day, he gets his deals done and he retrieves the bag. If he doesn't end up seeing the full amount that was agreed upon, Fiddy will take to the internet to collect his debts, which has been proven time and time again. Yesterday, the rapper targeted Rotimi, his co-star on Power, and asked him to pay up the money that was lent to him. Being the owner of the current top-selling R&B album in the country, Rotimi has some extra money to play with and he shut 50 Cent up by transferring over a hundred thou, which he confirmed on TMZ Live.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Speaking with the two hosts of the show, Rotimi tried to offer an explanation, saying that he knew that things would resolve themselves because 50 is his "brother." 50 Cent may be close to Rotimi but when it comes to Fofty, nobody is safe. The debt collector pulled out all the stops yesterday, threatening to punch the singer in the nose before Snoop Dogg jumped in to save his favourite Power character

Reposting a few clips from Rotimi's interview with TMZ Live, 50 Cent called off their feud after receiving his money. "I have no problem with @Rotimi," he wrote. "In fact I wish him and his family the best God bless."

Who do you think is next for 50 Cent?