Earlier today, news surfaced online that Floyd Mayweather was having troubles paying his 2015 taxes, and had reportedly asked the IRS for a reprieve until after his August 26th fight with Connor McGregor to pay them. Well, good friend 50 Cent is calling bullshit on that, and says he just talked with Floyd who had about $20 million cash on him.

Taking to Instagram, 50 believes Floyd just don’t want to pay it as his caption read…“Man this is some bullshit, FLOYD was just on face time with me. He had 20 million cash with him. 😆 he must just don't want to pay. LOL”

Who knows if 50 Cent is telling the truth or doing another one of his infamous troll jobs, but his comment section of the post is definitely giving him a hard time for allegedly “snitching” on Floyd if its indeed true.

Check out Fif’s post (below) & read some of the comments here.