On a morality scale, it's safe to say that 50 Cent is no stranger to the dark side. No topic seems off-limits for the ruthless mogul, whose propensity for scathing gallows humor has struck fear in friends and enemies alike. For Young Buck, a former G-Unit veteran who spent many loyal years representing for the crew50 has proven to be a constant thorn in the side. For the most part, 50 has offered scathing commentary every time Buck's name appears in the headlines. And given the subject matter often involved, it's been messy to say the least. 

Young Buck 50 Cent

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While their previously heated feud has been relatively dormant of late, an incident involving both Young Buck and his girlfriend was enough to lure Fif out of hiding. Yesterday, it was reported that Buck's girlfriend was arrested and booked for reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon after firing a gun during an argument with the rapper. And while Buck appears to have emerged from the scuffle unscathed, 50 Cent appears determined to leave at a singular bruise on his ego. 

"Better stop playing with them boys on Ig Buck," writes 50, implying the root of the issue on Twitter. "She want YOUR pass word. LOL." To further emphasize the taunt, he made sure to add a loose visual reenaction of his interpretation. It's clear that the rapper has no intention of easing up on his former group-mate, and at this rate, don't be surprised to see the pair engaging in another spirited war of words. Who knows -- perhaps the disrespect will spur Buck to drop off another "Story Of Foofy," a refreshing transition from social media to the booth. And given the history between these two artists, perhaps on wax is where this feud belongs.