For nearly a year, 50 Cent has been beefing on and off with Teairra Mari. It all started after Fiddy posted a screenshot from Mari's leaked sex tape, which the Love & Hip Hop star took him to court for. The revenge porn lawsuit was technically against Teairra's ex-boyfriend and 50 Cent and the rapper actually ended up bringing home the win, being granted $30K from Teairra's bank account. That decision was made weeks ago but for some reason, the reality star still hasn't paid up and 50 Cent is getting more and more frustrated with each passing week. Now, he's picking at every part of her being, praying that she actually comes through with the cash.

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

In his latest post against Teairra Mari, Fif took a few extra shots at the star. "This nut thinks she’s not going to pay," he wrote. "Somebody tell her they will lock her ass up for not responding in New York. Oh you will get it, talking about she ain’t got it. That’s a new wig Bitch, where is my money." In the photo Curtis selected, Teairra is wearing a pink wig from a few days ago. Clearly, she's got enough money to maintain her appearance so 50 is having trouble understanding why he hasn't gotten his money yet. Until the day he gets paid, he'll be yelling from his rooftop.