50 Cent takes a minute from sharing his opinions on his Instagram feed and takes a seat with Ebro in the Morning for an in depth interview on HOT 97.

The 42-minute interview covers a number of things from how he's dealing with death of Prodigy, the Trump campaign asking him to perform and inside information on the Mayweather and McGregor fight. 

Out of all the topics, the most notable would have to be the beef that 50 and Ebro get into over who "killed" Hip Hop. 50 brings up some old beef about his music not being played on the station saying it was Ebro who was the program director and that's "who they should be looking for." 

"How you gone mess it up and say I did," 50 asks Ebro, in relation to how Ebro thinks 50 was the one who "pulled apart" New York's Hip Hop scene. 

"You had everyone beefing with you, anybody [who] did a record with [Fat Joe] or [Ja Rule] was beefing with you...at a time when we could of had unity," Ebro replies. "You like to operate from a place of people having problems with you. Even when you came in this building you was like 'this feels uncomfortable because I like being banned from somewhere.'"

50 responds saying that having people in your outskirts is a good thing and basically says that you gotta pick someone in your field and make them your competitor. 

The "Outta Control" rapper then talks about how Fat Joe was "loyal to a default" back in the day, where he agrees that when he did "What's Luv" with Ja Rule, Joe got dragged into the rivalry. 

"He was so loyal to [Ja Rule] that he embraced his issues," 50 adds. 

Ebro clears up the past and sets things straight with his final comments before he changes the topic. 

"When all of ya'll wasn't working together the labels that had offices here said 'this shit is messy, we gone go find artists from other places, that we can run up on," he says wrapping things up. "This shit is messy in the streets of New York lets go break artists from other regions."

Ebro and 50 ended things with no major beef, it was clearly something that just had to be brought up to get off their chest.

Check out the full interview of 50 below and tell us what you think.