50 Cent got into the habit of creating Instagram posts meant to entertain his fanbase, all of which include "get the strap" in the caption. The humor is usually light and generally well-received. However, one of his posts yesterday was criticised. It was one that featured Terry Crews as an object of ridicule, following the testimony he shared on Capitol Hill concerning his being sexually assaulted by WME agent Adam Venit. Many people on social media were wondering how a man built like himself would allow himself to be fondled without physically retaliating against the perpetrator. Crews was even asked a form of this question during his testimony. His response included the danger Black men in the U.S. face when they are witnessed being violent. He said that many of these men end up in jail or even dead.

For some reason, this testimony inspired 50 to make fun of Terry Crew's experience. Seems like a good night's rest has now inspired the rapper turned actor to remove the post. He hasn't made an overt statement about the matter, but the removal can be interpreted as an admission of regret. Perhaps his entourage reminded him of Hip Hop culture's being riddled with toxic masculinity and how his actions could potentially diminish the perpetuation of such ideals. 50 Cent also decided to remove his post about the Nipsey Hustle slapping video