It's crazy to consider how drastically things have changed between 50 Cent and Young Buck. During the height of G-Unit's success, the two were close friends, bouncing musical ideas off of one another and striving as a collective. Nowadays, Fif wants absolutely nothing to do with the rapper... unless there's insults and trolling involved. Now that he's back on his preferred method of social communication, Fif is giving himself a free pass to go crazy on all of his rivals today and, of course, Buck was included in that bunch.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Minutes after re-activating his Instagram account, 50 Cent took aim at one of his primary targets, bringing back a problematic narrative that has angered many of his fans. For the last year, Curtis Jackson has been bashing his former bandmate over allegations that he was in a relationship with a transgender woman. I've said it before and I'll say it again; there is nothing wrong with that. People have differing sexual and romantic preferences. What does it matter if somebody isn't heterosexual? Either Buck is in on the joke or he doesn't let it bother him anymore but, today, Fif hit again with a photo of a happy couple, noting that he believes the woman pictured has a secret.

"Buck type shit, nah he know," wrote the star, implying that the woman is trans. In all fairness, the image does appear to be photoshopped. However, this is still hurtful to Buck (whether or not the rumors are actually true) and anybody in the LGBTQ+ community.